Become A Travel Nurse

What more do you need to become a travel nurse?

What more do you need to become a travel nurse?Apart from the regular requirements you must comply if you want to become a travel nurse, there are other records and information you must present as well.

You will need to provide your character references. This is necessary to let the travel agency conduct a reference check and verify how you have been as their workmate and/or employee. A lot of travelling nurses have gained more credibility by putting on their references. Here are their suggestions:

Contact your current or past Director/CNO/Charge Nurse and see if they can provide actual reference for you. Explain to them what type of work you are looking for and ask them if they can be your reference.
List their correct names with current phone numbers. You may also include information on the units where your reference works. This speeds up the process of reference check. And make sure you inform your agency what your last name was in your previous workplace.
You may also secure written letter of reference which can be verified. This is better and can save a lot of time than having phone tags.
You will also need to attach your health records. You may ask copies of your physical examination, and other medical exams and health insurance from your previous employer. These records will serve as proof that you are immune to many diseases. For faster and lesser expenses, obtain these records immediately from each employer every after renewal to keep them ready.

Make sure all these documents are saved on a flash drive and have them in sufficient copies at all time. And have them updated as needed.